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Jacques Ibert

+Complete Chamber Vol 1 - Six pieces. Deux mouvements.– Grotenhuis pf, etc

+Complete Chamber Vol 2 - Entr’acte. Ariette. L’age d’or. – Grotenhuis pf, etc.

+Jeux (Sonatine) Pahud

+Symphonic concertante - De Lancie / Previn jims peng** (See Francaix)

+20th Century Music for Wind Trio – Cinq PiecesBlack, Puddy, Birnstingl


Sigismondo d’India

+Monteverdi's contemporaries – Munrow (See GEN)

Il terzo libro de madrigali – Cavina counterten


John Ireland

@Piano Concerto in E flat – Joyce (pf) (mono) GGG

IN July 15, 2001 @Scherzo and cortege; Tritons, etc.

+British piano trios – Hartley Trio (See Clark)

+Chamber works – Mordkovitch, violin – Brown, piano

+Songs – Milne, Ainsley, Maltman, Johnson

+Violin Sonatas – Ireland

ORDER @Piano Concerto in E flat – Stott G

Piano concerto, Symphonic rhapsody Thomson, Parkin

A Sea Idyll.  On a Birthday Morning. – Parkin G

@Violin Sonatas – Barritt, Edwards


Heinrich Isaac

Carmen.  In meinem Sinn.  Convivium Musicum; Villanella Ensemble / Sven Berger Gram G


Charles Ives

@Symphony #3; 3 places in New England - Orpheus CO peng

@Symphony #2; Robert Browning Overture - Schermerhorn

+Complete Songs +vol 2, 4 (Dara Ohrenstein, etc.) -3 (B/LB)

+Holidays Symphony, 2 versions Unanswered Question, Central Park in the Dark - Thomas

+Piano Sonata No. 2 “Concord” – Alexei Lubimov, Aimard – Erato.  An essential Ives release.

+Piano Works - VOX BOX

+Sonatas for Violin and Piano - Fulkerson, Shannon

+Songs, Concord Sonata – Zimmermann, Pahud (ed choice)

+Songs. Vol 2 Henry Herford

+String quartets - Emerson Qt peng

+Symphonies 1 & 4 - Michael T Thomas Sony - peng (at B/LB) (at B/G)

+Symphony No. 2.  Unanswered.  3 short pieced - Bernstein GGG

+Trio for Violin, Cello and Piano - Made in America – Ma

+Variations on America – Preston

@Three places in New England; March III Slatkin

Trio for Violin, Clarinet and Piano.  Ma, Lefkowitz, Kalish Gram G

Piano Sonata No. 1 – MacGregor