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Eye of the Photographer

(Author Photo)

Available now from Humanist Press in paperback or ebook! 

The original multimedia ebook contains 25 of the author’s creative photo montages and photos, as well as links to his dramatic reading of a number of poems, including the 121-line title poem, Questions About God.


I’m a poet, born in Brookfield, Missouri, but my folks and I moved to Southern California when I was five.  Unlike T. S. Eliot, who was a good ol’ boy from Missouri also, I’ve not developed a fancy accent, but sound more like a native Californian, with just a wispy hint of the Southern in words like “warshcloth.”

Joseph Campbell in his The Hero with a Thousand Faces describes the monomyth*, the call to your own life, as basically Call to Adventure, Trial and Initiation, and Return.  According to a Cistercian version of the Grail Quest, “when the knights of Arthur’s court rode forth to adventure, they thought it would be disgraceful to start out in a group, but each entered the forest alone at a point that he had chosen, ‘there where he saw it most dark, and he found no way or path.’”  Campbell thought of this as a glorious celebration of the individual, a fundamental contribution of Western mythology to world thought.  But it would all be for nothing if you didn’t return to society with what you had learned.  As always, Campbell, here in collaboration with Dante, puts it most eloquently: 

Instead of retirement to the forest, however, the next stage is to be of usefulness, bestowal. “After our own proper perfection, which is acquired in manhood,” Dante writes, “that perfection should also come which enlightens not only ourselves, but others.”

One of the purposes of this website is to return to the literary community what I’ve personally learned.  I offer here an annotated selection of some of the books that have been most important to me, with an emphasis on what will assist my fellow poets; links that will entertain but also lead to better things (better facility with various rhetorical devices, on-line reference works for the writer, the best current literary magazines and the like); software of benefit to writers, and its customization to make the creative process easier.

I also hope you’ll like the posting of my own poems, as well as the potpourri of music cds I’ve collected and recommend.

I've added a new section called CriticalsA Critical is a combination article/critique/interview/conversation with contemporary poets.  I begin with J. D. McClatchy.

Though I’m often a terrible correspondent (my friends have learned this is one of my many flaws and put up with it), you can write to me HERE.

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*I just recently discovered JC plucked this term from JJ’s Finnigans Wake.