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Praise for Susan K. Perry

“A wonderful teacher and consultant who is competent, caring, and very honorable.  I very much enjoyed working with you.”
        —Cindy Spellman, M.D. (private consulting client)

“You have given me a tremendous gift of confidence and the ability to learn quickly through your insightful comments, so that writing is the joy I anticipated it would be . . .  I have learned more from you these past few months than I probably would have in three years of college, specializing in literature.  Don’t ever leave me!”
        —Babette Williams (private consulting client)

“Wow, Susan:  You weren’t kidding when you said you work quickly.  How did you do that?  Not only did you go through the proposal text already, but your comments are both thorough and professional.”
        —Mark Stevens (private client)

“The way in which you have responded to us in this class is accepting of where we are at this time and place as writers, yet you provide us with suggestions to improve our craft.  Your ideas are delivered in a way that, at least for me, allows me to trust you, and for the first time in my life, I really feel like a writer.  Thank you.” 
        —Alexis Weiner (Writers Digest Online Workshops)  

“I just wanted to say thank you for your wise words on writing! Your book inspired me through my new transition into the writing life.  When I read kind and inspiring words such as yours, it makes me feel as if I can do anything.” 
        —MaryBeth Gokee-Hodnett

“This class has been a life-changing event for me.  I love to write more than anything, and to have found my voice is so wonderful.”

“As a screenwriter and playwright with 15 years experience (and an ex-journalist), it’s an inspiration and a great relief to me to find my travails and triumphs mirrored in your research and other writers’ anecdotes.  Your pragmatic and insightful book Writing in Flow will occupy pride of place on my bookshelf.  Thank you for your invaluable work.”
        —Mickey Birnbaum

“I usually don’t write letters to authors, but I’m reading Writing in Flow and it so inspired me that I had to write and thank you.  It is very well written and entertaining, but it also contains some very useful tips. The attitudes and problems and feelings you describe echo my own.  You have given me some great insights into my own process, as well as immense encouragement to keep at it.  Your book reminded me so forcefully how much joy there is in the process itself and how much more alive I feel when I’m writing..”  
        —Suzanne Carpenter

 “Thanks for your help.  You sure made my day... week... month!  I will print out your encouraging words and hang them over my word processor for those ‘who the hell do I think I am’ moments.”  
        —Anne Nicholson Weber  

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“I just wanted to tell you how much I’ve enjoyed this [online] class and your teaching. Your accessibility, prompt responses, detailed and insightful comments, friendliness and humor have made the class fun as well as a great deal of help.”
        —Jan Steckel, M.D. ( www.jansteckel.com)

“In our book proposal writing class, I was surprised at Susan’s knowledge about whatever subject each of us was writing about which enabled her to give us her own helpful insights.”
        —Anonymous Evaluation, Writer’s Digest Online

“Susan, I want to add to everyone else’s compliments of your handling of this class.  This has been a great learning experience, truly enjoyable, and I think that it’s in large part because you are so flexible with us and because you’ve created an atmosphere where we feel safe to write what we really want to say and to share our work here.   Also, thank you for sharing some of your own personal struggles with us here.  Your doing so has contributed to the trust factor.”
        —WritersOnlineWorkshops student

“I enjoyed the online course tremendously.  It was great working with Sue, who provided lots of thoughtful feedback.  I believe I would not have come to see my writing goals quite so clearly without the insights gained from this course.” 
        —Joseph Adam Cherepon, Ph.D., Licensed Clinical Psychologist 

 “Your critique of this measly 1500 words was worth the whole tuition I paid for this course!”  
        —Harriet (Writers Digest Online)

“I was in your Writer’s Digest online book proposal class, and I’ve now placed my book with the University of New Mexico Press. You helped me be very clear about what they would want, and in my meeting with the editor, I was able to easily answer every question. Thanks so much, Susan, for your help! It was crucial to getting this project sold, and to my career.”            
        —Bruce Proctor (www.bruceproctor.com)

“Instructor Perry was able to give strong, direct feedback and critiques without crushing my ego.  And this was while sending me back to the drawing board on some major points! That is truly a major talent and I really appreciated her guidance.”
        —Anonymous evaluation, online class

“I think I can speak for all of us when I say I am blown away by the personal attention you have given each assignment.” 
        —Kim Boykin, novelist

“I am REALLY HAPPY with this course!  You have challenged me – maddeningly – throughout the course.  It is everything I was hoping for in getting me started and truly serious about my new turn in my career.  Thank you!” 
        —Sylvia Henderson

“I want to tell you how much I appreciate the time you take with our exercises and in your responses to all of us.  This is my first online class but in all the (many) course offerings I have taken as an adult, not one could hold a candle to this one.  I am especially impressed with the way you manage to create an intimate relationship with each of us, drawing us out and helping us recognize our strengths and examine our weaknesses.”  

“Susan is clear, has wonderful examples, and she encouraged a dialogue that enhanced the content of the class. She has a warm and wonderful sense of humor that makes this topic come alive.”
        —Anonymous evaluation (”Writing in Flow”)

“Throughout the years, I have taken various courses offered by UCLA Extension, Valley College Community Services, and others. After each session, I always came away feeling disillusioned. The class did not live up to the written description, the teacher was mediocre, and the required materials fee always seemed to be a ripoff. I want you to know that I thought long and hard before taking your class and now I am so pleased that I just had to write my first letter of praise. You taught a terrific class and your valuable handout was well worth the materials fee. I learned more than I expected.”
        —Carol Brusha (”Writing for the Regionals”)

“I found the class a flow experience in itself.”
        —Anonymous evaluation (”Writing in Flow”)

“I really enjoyed the class.  Last night was really electric, with some great topics and discussion.”
        —Mike Murray (Social Psychology, Woodbury University)

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“You made our first meeting of the year a huge success. I could feel the energy flow back and forth. You touched on so many important points I had trouble taking notes.”
        —Sheila Moss, California Writers Club

“As always, I enjoyed being on the panel with you.  You’re always such a warm, encouraging presence for the attendees at these things.  Hell, I get a hit of it just sitting next to you on the panel.”
        —Dennis Palumbo, author of Writing from the Inside Out

“Thank you for your wonderfully informative and entertaining keynote address at Freelance Writers Bootcamp on 27 February 1999.  After much unsolicited praise directed my way for having chosen such a terrific speaker, I speak for everyone in attendance when I commend both your delivery and the content.  ‘Writing In Flow’ was important, imparted with persuasive authority, and went down smoothly.  I can hardly wait to read your book.”
       —Marvin J. Wolf, Director of Professional Development, Past President, Independent Writers of Southern California

“Everyone from the Orange Writers Circle appreciated your speaking at our meeting. They all spoke of the lasting good impression they had from your informative presentation. All were doubly impressed by your amiable patience in answering the barrage of questions and enjoyed the personal experiences you shared with them.”
        —Marilynn Bates, Orange Writers Circle

“Fantastic! Inspiring and practical.”
        —from Pasadena City College Writers’ Forum evaluations

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